We are a family owned and operated company with over 17 years cleaning experience!

our family
Whether we are doing Commercial, Industrial or Residential Duct Cleaning, it is of utmost Importance to our Family.

At CAPPS Duct Cleaning Services we take pride in what we do and strive to provide our customers with the best possible service and workmanship guaranteed. We use the most modern machinery and in today's competitive world we feel that providing a top notch service fuelled by skilled technicians that care about providing the customer with the best possible job is what sets us apart from our competition. We have provided the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding locations with many Cleaner Indoor Air Solutions making the environment around you and your family more enjoyable.

CAPPS philosophy is to provide quality service at affordable rates. In today's competitive environment, achieving customer satisfaction is not only our goal but is the key to our success.

Take a look at the pictures below to see some of the things we encounter when we are cleaning.

Things we find
Some of the things we find we encounter when we clean.

Our Core Services Include:

We offer professional cleaning services for Residential Commercial & Industrial applications to help eliminate irritants such as Pollen, Smoke, Dust Mites, Bacteria, etc.

Find out more about our residential services and our commercial services.

Meet The Owners

Robert Cappellina, owner
Robert Cappellina, owner and operator of CAPPS Duct Cleaning Services Inc.

Robert Cappellina

Owner and Operator of CAPPS Duct Cleaning Services Inc.

Robert took the HVAC course at Humber College, where he receive his diploma in Heating & Air conditioning, Design and Air Quality Testing. Robert has been in the HVAC industry since then and decided to go out on his own and that's when he and his wife Cynthia started Capps Duct Cleaning Services Inc. and they have been operating CAPPS together since 1998.

In addition to running CAPPS, Robert is also into Body Building where he has competed and won 1st in his class and is now able to move on to the body building national competition. He also is an avid drummer. When he is not working his company, Robert loves spending time with his wife and son.

Paul Cappellina, owner
Paul Cappellina, owner and operator of CAPPS Duct Cleaning East End.

Paul Cappellina

Owner and Operator of CAPPS Duct Cleaning East End

Paul started out his working career as a corporate banker, he worked as a part time teller while studying marketing and advertising at Humber College. Then after obtaining various degrees he made his way up through a number of positions from lender to a private investment banker. He found this career very rewarding but with his passion for people and entrepreneurship he decided a change was in order and took interest in his brother Roberts business. Because he had a good general understanding of the business and better than average mechanical skills. In 2009 Robert asked Paul to join his business. Paul then went back to school and obtained his gas license. In addition to running CAPPS East End, he enjoys sports cars and spending time with his two children and family.